Picked Off in Mississippi

It's a bird, it's a plane.........

No, it's another episode of American Picker's, Picked Off!

It's a show where amateur pickers run around a flea market with $100 in their pocket, the best pickers moves on to the next round of picking and after 4 rounds the winning team earns $10,000!

Were definitely going to get on the telly this time. Remember when we saw them a few weeks ago HERE and got that awesome 50's school desk, this time we scored a clarinet for 10 bucks and I think a lot of air time!

It's top secret though and should air in June or July on the History channel.

Have the Republican Primaries come through your state yet? 

Alabama's was yesterday and Santorum won, sorry Mitt and Newt and all the RP supporters it was a tight race.

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  1. Premiere Episode is now scheduled for July 11th on History Channel


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