Photographing my Kids

Over the years I'd come home from work and put my camera down, it would sit there until the next time I went off to work, to think of all those memories I let slip by, as a photojournalist I'd never let the moment happen without capturing it but when it came to switching hats and becoming a momtographer that proved to be a difficult process for me. The biggest challenge was finding the energy to pick up the camera on my days off, partly because my equipment was so big and well embarrassing to bring on the playground that I'd opt to leave it behind. It wasn't until I came across another mom blogger talking about her favorite lens that I began my months of research and saving. Back in January I made a resolution to photograph my children and not let any more moments slip away, I was going to make books too, no more memories lost on my computer I wanted tangible proof of our joys and sorrows and my new lens has proven to be the catalyst to the change I needed, I am thankful for my kids, our future and my Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 which is the perfect everyday lens.

 Monday I'll show off my DIY camera bag project I've been working on that now holds my new awesome lens and be sure to stop by Under The Sycamore and see AshleyAnn's great photography with using her 24-70mm on her post today.

I'm so glad to have the opportunity to homeschool and capture the spark in Zen's eyes as he looking through his new favorite book BIG NATE, now just crossing my finger's this inspires him to learn to read.

ISO 100 f/3.2 1/500 using Canon 24-70mm

 Here's to curling up with a good book and some homemade pizza in the backyard on a sunny afternoon.

hammock: Anthropologie  2011
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