Pancake Party of Five

We finally did it!!! 
After years of missing out and broken promises we finally made it to IHOP on National Pancake Day and consumed a total of 17 hot off the griddle flap jacks covered in icky sticky gooey yummy syrup and butter and did I mention FREE! We ate, we talked, we counted our piggy bank money and donated to a good cause.

I worked the overnight shift at IHOP during college in Ft. Lauderdale it was fun and we had our fair share of crazies from the nightly streaker to the hookers and who could forget the group from the halfway house for really there's no salt in your coffee there wasn't any in it last time or the time before that, but we'll get you another cup (that happened every Thursday).

The kiddos asked what a Rooty Tooty Fresh N' Fruit was I almost forgot how much fun that is to say.

Hope that can hold us till next year.


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