My Instagram Book

It arrived!!!!! My Instagram book using Blurb. 

I'm hooked or addicted which ever you prefer to the Instagram app. I carry my ipod touch everywhere we go and over 800 photos on it since November.

So when I got really excited when saw that I could take those super cool hip square photos and make them into a book.
 It's so cute and was beyond easy to create. Blurb linked right to my Instagram account and I picked what photos I wanted to use they did all the work matching the photos up and laying them out then I went in added a few more pages switched some photos around and in about 30 minutes I had my 74 page softcover book ordered (the books also come in hard cover and different sizes),
it arrived a week later.

 This is volume 1 and plan on making several in a year, it's way better and cheaper than a photo album.

Happy weekend!!!


  1. omgosh....what a great idea! I'm afraid that i'm using my phone more than my camera...which is a shame because my camera is kinda awesome. I need to go check this out...btw, LOVE your photos!

  2. Thanks Isabel, I really miss shooting with my Grandfather's old 1954 Rolleiflex so now I'm addicted to Instagram. I was just amazed at the quality of the book considering my ipod touch has a very very low quality camera compared to most camera phones.


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