Monday's Funny Facts: M&Ms and Mustaches

Did you know that M&M's take 11-12 weeks to taste good or well their best. Sounds crazy, huh!

 I recently called about what I thought was our bag of M&M's being stale come to find out the lady at Mars said they were too fresh! The bag was only 3 weeks old so she told me to put them in the cupboard for 9 more weeks before eating, right! Who can let an open bag of M&M's sit for 9 weeks, she also said the chocolate would taste funny before them and the candy shell would not have it's distinct crunch until 11 or 12 weeks the older the bag the crunchier.

 Good to know, I guess.

He's another fact,  7 year old boys can grow crazy large orange mustaches.

Carstache via HERE and HERE


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