Loquat JAMboree

I just have to start off saying this has to be the best jam ever! I don't even really like jam but I could eat this everyday, the kiddos gave it two sticky thumbs up too!
 Did you know loquats can have up to 5 seeds inside their tiny fruit but the more seeds the less flesh to eat.

Making Loquat Jam:

It should be done in the first 24 hours after they're picked, the fruit bruises so easily that the turn brown within hours. So I made my jam right after picking.


    • Start by washing off the loquats
    • peel the skins off and taking all the seeds out
    • after the flesh is separated use a food processor to chop it into tiny pieces 
    • be sure to measure how many cups of flesh you have
    • place the minced loquats in a pan adding just enough water to cover them
    •  cook over medium heat at a slow boil for 2-3 hours
    • adding in 1/2 cup of sugar per 1 cup minced loquat add 1/4 of a cup of agave nectar after it comes to a rolling boil (if you don't have it just use sugar)
    • the jam will be ready when it turns a dark pink to red color
    • place in sterilized glass jar 
    • let cool then serve

    It took the majority of the morning to make my first batch of jam out of all those loquats we picked yesterday. I don't think there's an inch of the kitchen that isn't stick or covered in sugar and I've already spotted a few sugar ants making their way in, this warm whether has just brought all sorts of bugs and critters out months earlier than I'm use to battling them.

    I don't think we've ever had mosquitoes during flu season that's like a double whammy. But who can complain too much when the sun is shining through the windows and the annual Arts and Crafts Festival is this weekend, my favorite time of year!

    I spotted Zen on this blog as I was looking for local photos, I've never seen this photo it was taken at the Marietta Johnson School or Organic Education as they celebrated his 6th birthday, what cute birthday hats they made with Ms. Suzanne in art class that day!

    Happy Weekend!


    1. Replies
      1. It should keep about 2 weeks in the fridge, that's if it's not all gone before then. Enjoy!


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