Lifeguard Duty

I consider my self our families official lifeguard, constantly watching, listening and rescuing them from impending death. I sleep with one eye open though I'm not sure if that's for their safety or mine. Even a casual walk down the street can result in blood and gore and I have officially banned crocs from them after the last fall, the're worse than slipping on a banana peel, did I mentioned that actually happened to us. The outside world is full of lurking danger; acorns, garbage cans(we walk into one almost weekly) cracks on the sidewalk and even wet grass can result in one of my kiddos taking a tumble that's before haven't we reach the end of our street. I don't know when or if I'll ever stop being on duty, add water into the mix and I might have to call for back up.

Spring Break is officially here and how nice it's been to have a week free of soccer, piano and school work. We're spending some quality time kicking off our shoes and hanging around with friends.

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  1. Oh my goodness. What a glorious day on the beach. I am so jealous of your fantastic weather. WOW!

  2. I adore the first picture! I know what you mean about crocs- they can really be a hazard sometimes. I hope you guys are enjoying your week off. We are actually staying in a lot this week because there are too many big kids at the park.

  3. WONDERFUL beach pics!! And really loving all those toes and flip flops! Happy WW!


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