Bye Bye Birdie

It was our last day going to take care of the chicks and the kiddos made a memorial to remember the one who died, it really gave them some closure. They spent the rest of the morning playing with the other chicks.

When we arrived to clean the box out the baby chicks had all huddle into the sunlight to get warm, it so cute, we scooped them up and let then run around in the yard.

We nicknamed this one Ninja Chicken it kept dive bombing the others.

and later became a getaway artist.

After we wrangled all 9 chicks back in their now clean box, I chuckled when I saw that they'd be pooping on one of my photos and my name, I guess there's some irony in all that.

Everyone's home safe and sound....... or are they????

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  1. awwww so cute!!! I love chicks! I grew up in the country and I miss all the adventures we used to have! Thanks for the sweet reminder!!


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