x-ray eyes

So Mommy why are you taking pictures of me???

Just checking to see if my new lens was still sharp after having quite the weekend with this here butter fingers and since I can't tell anymore looking through the camera, I just really don't want to admit that this age thing seems to be creeping up on me but I see a trip to the eye doctor in my future, aren't puns fun and really dorky!

I've started to miss that 15/15 vision I had in my 20's and the x-ray vision in my 10's, well at least that's what the joke was in elementary school they called me supergirl my eyesight was so good.

But really, really love my new Canon's 24-70mm 2.8 it's officially the first lens I have bought in like 15 years yikes!

  But now I can finally stop dragging the camera bag around on field trips. I might be a professional but I sure don't like to look like one at a birthday party and I'm sure it's nothing like being a Doctor who's hounded for free medical advice everywhere they go but when I'm enjoying myself I'd rather not be handed a camera or be asked to take a few, you know since you're here.

Check out the lens HERE they're offering a rebate through March.

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