MoonPie Madness

Is officially over! 

Well Mardi Gras at least. The finally count was 13 parades, 4 giant mounds of beads, stuffed animals and throws, 3 naps, 21 miles walked, a lifetime supply of MoonPies and......

a puppy named Pepper!

I guess it's time to say goodbye to our Christmas Mardi Gras tree too. I'll definitely miss it and the wonderful smell that has greeted me at our door since the first week of December but it's time to get my crafting on and make some new decorations I found on Pinterest, after all it's 73 degrees out today. 

Even though I'm not really a "dog person" sometime a pet just picks you and our pretty little Pepper seems very content at our home and playing in the neighbors fallen Camellia flowers, we are so happy she came.

The Paper Mama link up Wordless(ish) Wednesday

1 comment:

  1. A puppy! And she picked you! We also recently a puppy we named Pickles...such joy she brings!

    May Pepper bring many years of love, fun and snuggles to your family!!


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