Instagram Moment of Love

I love this photo, I snapped it with Instagram on the ipod touch while our sweet Eco was reading the Valentine's card from my Mom and Dad. I could stare at her big eyes all day and many days I have especially when she was a baby, her sibling would say they looked like giant marbles, they are so shiny and blue, she's so funny and full of life we all love her so much!

I did decided to re-shooting this with my Canon 5D mark II, but sometime recapturing a moment even with an expensive camera doesn't always have the same feeling as the original, I love it just as it is, but was hoping to get something I can enlarge bigger than the original 2"x2" format, in the end I'll stick with the Instagram one, it just has a sweetness about it the other didn't.

To me the answer wasn't inside the card but in my heart.

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  1. Great pic!! Sometimes I can't get to my camera so my ipod is always handy for those spur of the moment pics. Although they are usually kinda grainy they usually are the most spontaneous, awesome pictures. Stopping by from "blogfrog" by the way, nice blog!!! Blessings!!


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