DIY: Candy Cane Heart Lollipops

I love skimming through Pinterest for fun ideas and when I saw these candy cane heart lollipops around Christmas time, so when I saw a box of 60 mini candy canes on clearance for 25 cents I grabbed them!

DIY: Candy Cane Heart Lollipops

Started out with white chocolate chips on the stove top using a double boiler. 

Since I don't actually own one I just used one of my visionware pots and a pyrex bowl, it worked perfect and when I ran out of white chocolate I used the red Candy Maker wafers.

On wax paper take two candy canes and make a heart and leave a space wide enough at the bottom of the heart for the stick, be sure to keep an eye on the chocolate stirring until completely melted. 

Once melted pour into a piping bag or ziploc and cut a whole in the corner, I used a tip on the end of my bag to have more control as the the chocolate was coming out but it was still messy.

Take the lollipop stick and place it in the chocolate while it's still soft, I rotated the stick so it was covered in the chocolate. 

The stick can also be used to smooth out the chocolate if needed.

Add sprinkles while the chocolate is warm. Let them sit on the wax paper until completely cool.

Then I wrapped each lollipop in plastic wrap and used vintage thread to tie it off.
I've also seem ribbon used.

This was also a Pinterest idea, usually it's one child but since we homeschool and the kids have many mutual friends we just need a group shot. I add words with Photoshop using the Action Jackson font and made to slits with an x-acto knife above and below the hand to insert the lollipop.

All and all it turned out cute but was a bit of an effort on my part, I recommend making the  lollipops ahead of time.


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