We're World Guy Fans!!!!!

What would you do if you saw a giant world rolling down the street? I know what we'd do!

 First the kids would scream it's the World Guy!!!!!!! I'd slam on the brakes, pull off the highway (it was safe since there was a Police escort waiting for him), tell the kids to jump out of the car and say hello, we'd snap a few photos hop back in then we'd follow him for a couple miles jump back out of our car VW van run across the street to get his autograph, chat a few more minutes, find out his dogs name is nice then say goodbye and wish him safe travels.

Find out more about World Guy and his journey to bring awareness to Diabetes and get people out walking for better health HERE.

And in not related news and nonsense our blog seems to be stuck at 37 blog followers not that that's bad except it reminds me of my age and how old I've been feeling lately, so if your reading this and don't follow our blog would you mind clicking the button and be our 38th, thanks a bunch!


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