Self Portrait

Me and my ducklings
It's no secret Moms are so of the hardest working people on the planet and as one of those hard working Moms many times more than not I have to declare it bring your children to work day, though it's usually somewhere fun like a parade, concert, outdoor event or like when this photo was taken we were out on a feature hunt. My kiddos started coming to work with me even before they were born, they went from in my tummy, to a front carrier, to my back, to a stroller, then to a triple stroller, and finally on foot they are known as my little ducklings because of the way they follow behind me while I shoot. My ducklings have even appeared in a movie documentary that day I carried little Eco in her sling at 6 months and the others on our stroller while photographing that years Mardi Gras King and Queen. I love my kids and I love that they not only know Mommy has a job she enjoys but they tell me all the time that they never want to grow up and be a photographer because it's too much hard work. Yes some days are harder than others but my job also allows me to homeschool my kids and over the years not only teach them schoolwork but they have learned what going to "work" really is and as a result they are very respectful to adults especially here our little community but they are very loved here too, I am so proud of them!

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  1. Great photo! & I love that your kids know all the parts of you... it's so easy to put your self to the side for too long! You go great mum! grace


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