One little, two little, three little teeth

How? That's what I'm still trying to figure out! How can three of my kids lose teeth on the same day? First was Eco but her's we knew was going to be pulled out at the dentist, it was kind of a big deal her first tooth and all. Then Zen decided since the tooth fairy was coming to visit his room that night (they share) he might just as well tie a string to his tooth wiggly tooth and have Stream assist him in pulling it out....they are brave! Luna thought well I have a loose tooth too so she pushed and pulled as she annoyed Stream who was trying to fall asleep in the bed next to her until finally it was out! By 9:30pm we officially had three teeth under the pillows waiting on the Tooth Fairy.

Luna's tooth fairy, fairy

Zen's tooth fairy pillow
Eco's tooth fairy pillow

Zen used the tooth pillow I had when I was little it must be 30+ years old now, Eco used a tooth fairy pillow I made recently and Luna used a tooth fairy fairy her Mimi got for her, everything seemed to be going well they fell asleep and I was getting ready to myself then Zen woke up, he woke Eco up, Eco got scared of the Tooth Fairy coming in her room she had to come sleep with me, it started to rain, Luna woke up from the noise, she woke Stream up who then yelled for Luna to go back to bed, I got maybe a 2 hour nap in after the sun came up and then I over heard Eco saying she was convinced that the Tooth Fairy was actually Mommy, even though I never left her side all night. So we decided that next time there will be a note on the front door asking the Tooth Fairy not to come in and to please leave any gifts or money on the porch so we can all get some sleep. 

Only 31 more teeth to go!


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