Lego Bracelet Giveaway

***Is now closed***

Hi everyone! So super excited for our first giveaway of 2012 or twenty twelve if your hip and cool like my kids.

 If you're a frequent reader of the blog you'll remember the DIY post I did recently about the Lego bracelet I made my son in hopes that he would keep better track of his lego figures, well it works but currently he can't locate the bracelet, hahaha! One day his sisters and I are hopeful that he will get it together before driving us to the looney bin over his lost shoes, socks, blankie, Legos, Nintendo DS, the charger, another charger, his jacket and well basically his own head.
But if it wasn't for him I would be able to bring you this awesome giveaway!

Who wants a Lego bracelet??????

Lego Bracelet #1

Lego Bracelet #2 (lego figure not included)

I'm giving away not one but TWO!

#1 Lego bracelet: is more jewelry for Mom it has silver links and clasp, I've but extra links at the end so you can adjust the size to fit.  

 #2 Lego bracelet: has an elastic band instead of metal is more more boy kid friendly but can be worn by adults too.
See more photos of it here.

Rules to Enter are as follows:
To enter once simply click to Follow this Blog over on the right hand column on our blogs homepage then leave a comment on this blog post saying why you love or hate lego and that you've started following us.***

Enter a second time follow us on Facebook here or clicking follow us on Facebook on the top right side of our blog after that come back and leave a comment that you started following us on FB.***

Enter a third time by linking the giveaway to you blog and leaving a comment with the link.***

***Please leave your contact email or blog link somewhere on your comment or mark the calendar to check back on January 12th so I can contact you if you are the winner.***

Do all three and your name is entered three times in the giveaway, only winner per household. 

EXTENDED: Contest ends January 11th 31st at midnight (central time).Thanks

All bracelets are made with re-purposed second hand, none of my sons Lego sets were harmed in the making of this giveaway.


  1. I follow your blog. I love building with legos but loathe stepping on them. But even more I love the little individual people packs you can buy now.

  2. Also, I like you on Facebook. :)

  3. You know you have some great photos that capture peoples attention and hearts. There is are so fun & yours are inspirational.
    Now on with the LEGOS:
    I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!! or wait...ummm, I WANT TWO!!!!!! gosh that sounds so silly. It's late and just getting to the point :-)
    I never got into Lego's myself- my 3 boys are loving them. I think they could have the worst day ever & I bought them some legos it would magically be the best day. So being that my boys love mama does too & we play "create your own...." so that's fun & can be quite relaxing.

  4. Your blogs and accumulation attracts me to arrive rearward again n again.tables for lego building


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