Lava Lamp Love

I remember back in the early 80's going next door to my best friends house and in the basement on either side of the couch they had to giant blue lava lamps, I could stare at them for hours so when Stream decided to use some of her Christmas money on one I couldn't say no and just like me she watched with wonder as the lava floated up then back down. Nearly 30 years later they are still so cool!

I had to custom white balance the camera to capture the color of the lava lamp which is purple with pinkish red lava and so it turned the natural daylight in the room blue, the kitchen actually has white walls.

We had a great time on our field trip to the Fairhope History Museum the other day, I caught this shot of Eco looking down the 8ft hose pipe on the side of a vintage fire truck while we were there.

I'm a bit behind on editing photos but when I get around to it I'll post the how to on making a real arrow we learn while on our field trip.

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