Cookie Party!

Today is one the girls have been looking forward to, a special day they take to celebrate the New Year with friends. This will make our fourth annual cookie party! I can't believe we started it that long ago (well long in kid years) and I just love seeing the same faces each year, how much they have all grown and yet how much they have stayed such good friends. I hope Lulu and Stream carry these fond memories with them and when the start to have kids of their own I hope they pass our little tradition on to them.
I whipped up a quick flag banner to hang up for the big day, I still need to add the letter COOKIES but it sure turned out cute for only 35 minutes of my time.... our banner year is in full swing!

Want to know what's up with that letter T so does everyone else that comes to our home, the lonely letter T use to be apart of something sometimes EAT or ATE or even TEA but now the A and E hang above Eco and Zen's beds and the T just sits there.
I really starting to like how it looks at it resting against our vintage chalkboard.

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