A Banner year!

The peanuts gang and I started the year off with our tradition of rootbeer and cookies at midnight and it looks like a banner year so far, especially all the fun mini ones I've made! It all started with Pinterest of course I got the idea for a cake topper and made them for the kiddos since we never use candles after Eco's hair went up in smoke on her third birthday, lucky for her it was long enough that I was able to put out the fire before the flames smoldering locks reached her scalp. Anyways, so far my created a bunch with my mini fabric flags and stamping kit, everything from thanks you cards to a cookie banner (the girl's annual cookie party is this Friday woohoo!) and I even made a wall hanging for Eco's room.... only took 5 years.

2012 is definitely a year I'm going to channel my inner craftiness, is that even a word?

One more thing I'm looking forward to rescuing my bathtub back from legoland, details tomorrow.

I still have to add her birthdate in the lower right edge.

Thanks to family and friends for making this holiday season a very special one.


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