Not Me Monday: The Halloween Paparazzi

That might be the Halloween Press Corps trying to snap a photo after they saw a giant 5'2" crustacean pumping gas but I have no idea who would spend 2 hours getting dressed in a Halloween costume just to find out they don't even have enough gas to get the party and then stop by the local "Shell" station in a Lobster costume. Nope not me!

Then go into Walmart and snap of photo of her Lobster shoes

But not before scaring the cat.

And nobody would make a Halloween costume for their finger, the same one that got stapled hanging up the wanted poster of her own son last week for this and then actually have the finger go trick or treating for candy only to be eaten by the giant crustacean. Nope not me!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Guess What?

Can you guess what this photographer is taking a picture of?

HINT: has to do with Halloween and it's not a mermaid

Ramblings of the sad and sleepless

It one of those mornings the last thing I felt like do was blogging, it's  especially hard to do with my arm in pain after the glass blender fell from ceiling height onto it this morning and I'm exhausted after staying awake till nearly 3am when a series of sleep talking turned into night terrors after the peas who were half asleep thought the other peas where talking in their sleeping were doing things wrong but in reality they were all laying in their beds mumbling, it was if I was invisible no could see or hear me in their dream like states as they yelled and screamed and then most of all I feel so sad after a dear friend and colleague passed away last night from complications after a motor scooter accident that happened 2 weeks ago. We will all miss him. I can't help but think of how his three girls will grow up with out a daddy who loved them more that anything. So with that I will go back to icing my arm and crying and wishing the best for another colleague who is having a much needed kidney transplant as we speak.

Read more about our dear friend Paul HERE


Cheryl's Kidney transplant HERE

We did finish up our America Recycles Day Video you can check it out on youtube  HERE

Fun House, Fair and Food

Don't know if the fun house was more fun for the girls or me watching them trying to find the way out.

I took the two oldest to the county fair for Wacky Wednesday + 4-H night they both got unlimited ride passes for entering their photos and with just a buck to get me in it had to be one of the cheapest date nights so I splurged on a candy apple for the girls. Height restrictions always limited us with the younger ones so they stayed home and allowed Luna and Stream to have free range of the festivities. But there was no way I was letting them on the Meg Drop and plummet 3 stories without me, they were a little bummed but everything else made up for it, especially these....


After the rides or course.

Fly High and Dream BIG

image via my day job at the Press-Register

A friend and super talented artist recently told my daughter to follow her dreams and dream big!
I've been feeling a bit lost lately wondering what the next step in my career is going to be, newspapers are quite to powerhorse they use to be and well I'm not really qualified to be anything but a photographer/photojournalist. I have my degree in photography and 15 years field experience that would have been plenty to find a job in anytown a few years ago, now they want a Masters Degree just to teach a photography class, skill and experience are no longer a prerequisites just a piece of paper saying you listened to an old man talk your ear off for 4+ years qualifies you these days. I miss the America when skill, craftsmanship, creativity and talent were desirable not how much you spent on student loans considering the US had currently more debt out in student loans than credit cards.

I took this photo over the weekend at our county fair as I wandered around doing my job, I love that I'm paid to take photos of the world as I see it without restriction and this photo really had a lot of ME in it. The swings have always been my all time favorite ride, I feel like I can could do anything when I'm up there in the clouds, even fly!

I just don't know what I'll do it newspapers as we know it die, support your local Press and buy a paper it 's what help make America great! and the politicians a little less crooked.


Congrats to Stream for winning Best of Show, again!!!  Yep, this time it was at the Greater Gulf State Fair and she says winning was much better the first time around but is still happy over her cash prize and a quarter of the way to saving for up for an ipad2.
I'm happy she isn't going to ask Santa for one!

I also want to congratulate Laura the winner of our Swirled Peas Tote Bag and thanks to all who entered both here and on Facebook.
**Laura please send me your contact info to katerealiphotography at gmail dot com so I can get it to you via the us postal service right away.**

Not Me Monday: the good, the bad and the empty

Nope,  I most certainly did not staple my own finger when I was hanging a wanted poster** of my own kid in our town and have some guys stopped at the red light shout out of their car What's he wanted for? and I replied not cleaning his room , I also may or may not have secretively wished the house would burn down so I didn't have to listen to the kids complain about picking up their toys again. That would be too weird and who staples their own finger anyways?

And I really didn't charge my kids a dollar each for the electricity they used staying up past bed time and then go spend it on chocolate and hide it from them and not feel guilty staying up till 4am eating it all! 

And I most definitely didn't post my first giveaway this week and have only 2 people enter so far and want to quit blogging for good, especially after my Mother told me she finally looked at the blog even though I started this blog 2 years ago for my parents who lives 1500 miles away so they wouldn't miss out all the wonderful things the perfect grankids do and I didn't just want to change our blog name to The Good, The Bad and the Ugly uncensored after the week I had.

And this really isn't how our fridge looked when the kids went to get breakfast....Mustard anyone?!

**We're filming a one minute video, can't wait to share!
Giveaway is open till midnight enter HERE or don't.

Swirled Peas Tote Bag Giveaway!!!


Hi Everyone, I'm so excited to announce a Swirled Peas first!!!!!!!

This week marks our 2 year blog anniversary and were so wanted to show our thanks by giving away to one of our Readers a fabulous
Brown Burlap Floral Tote Bag just like this one!

All you need to to is leave a comment and become a Follower of this blog to be entered in the Giveaway.
Be sure to check back Tuesday morning when I post the winners name.

For a second chance to win follow us on Facebook.

Giveaway runs now through Monday October 24 at 11:59 central time.

More photos and info on the tote bag go HERE to our 4 Swirled Peas Etsy Shop.

Happy Weekend!

I'm so enjoying curling up on the sofa in my pink fluffy robe with a warm cup of coffee now that the weather has finally started to feel more like October. I dream all summer of roasting marshmallows, snuggling under a warm blanket with the kiddos and hearing the leaves rustling in the cool autumn breeze. It has to be my favorite month when the oppressive heat has lifted and the city comes alive in anticipation of the up coming holidays not to mention witches and werewolves, ghost and goblins roaming the streets for candy and photo shoots galore!

I've been playing around with Photo Illustrator and so far all I could create was this cup of coffee. I should have paid attention more at art school and maybe taken a few course in graphic design instead of hiding out in the darkroom.

Just One Word....CRAZY!

 Eco's was so proud to show me one of her new words Luna taught her yesterday. It pretty much sums up how are life has been lately. I've been doing a lot of favors for friends, working, homeschooling, photography, Etsy stuff, the fair and we just started this awesome secret project we can't wait to show everyone when it's ready! On top of some personal matters life seems to be running on CRAZY and I am quite impressed with E's handwriting she works very hard at it and is constantly asking for more schoolwork to do from reading to math she's ready to learn and I couldn't be happier or was it crazier.

Little Eco's first spelling word

I see a Happy Wednesday and candy in your Future

Gaze into my magic crystal 8 ball is see ghost and goblins in the near future I also see a lobster, cowgirl, Press Photographer, Azalea Trail maid and Gypsy receiving lots of candy under the light of a crescent moon.

It will be a prosperous outing but there is a warning someone will be trying to steal your Kit Kats and Whoppers, someone dressed in all red with claws (it may or may not be me).

Fortune Teller ~ Luna

What can Brown do for you?

What's more exciting than waiting for a package from the UPS man?

Playing in a UPS truck and pretending to deliver them, of course!

I will never force my children down a career path nor want them to do anything that doesn't make them extremely happy and so I try my best to expose them to all the different opportunities out there from UPS driver to Archeologist, I hope they find their path of fulfillment someday.

Birthdays, Blogs, Blue Pumpkins, Bells

There was a ton of birthday fun over the weekend with yummy cake, blue pumpkins and homemade presents. Time to ring in the joy for all our  birthdays have been celebrated now onto the upcoming holiday season!

Luna makes a wish on the birthday pinwheel,  I hope all her wishes and dreams come true! We don't use candles after little Eco's incident where her hair went up in smoke blowing them out and all.

 And a Special Thanks to Christie Burnett over at Childhood 101 for featuring our sunny craftroom on her wonderful blog, please check it out HERE.

Happy Weekend!

We're going to be a bit tied up this weekend with all our birthday festivities.
I can't believe how fast the years go, it feels like only yesterday I was a new mom holding the most beautiful baby in the whole world and on Sunday my beautiful baby turns 11.

Happy Birthday Luna!

Me and Luna 2000

Happy Birthday to My Buddy!

I can't believe how time flies, today my little buddy you turn 7 so full of life and joy and unstoppable energy. I am so glad you're not too big to cuddle on the sofa and share a box of raisins together.

We love you...Kisses and Hugs, Mommy.

Camping 101

Always make sure you arrive at the campsite before dark or it's really hard to set up camp or find friends by moonlight.  But a Giant movie screen playing the Incredible Mr. Fox helps!

 Make sure everyone feels like a champion from twirling light sticks that look like the Olympic rings to the Moms who made the best fire for roasting marshmallows.

But remember if you bring dogs you just might wake up to three of them peeing on your tent.

Hula Hooping at sunrise is awesome and having one of the campers who's a fabulous chef cooking breakfast even better. Just remember not to wake the 5 year old before it's ready!


Parking next a cow pasture might just be worse than a chicken coop full of roosters but a whole lot funnier too and camping with a pop up roof overhead and space between you and the bugs, nice.

Best of all camping with great friends and food priceless!

Poppytalk Handmade Indie Market

Poppytalk Handmade is having another one of their fabulous Indie Markets!!!!
I am so honored to be among some many wonderful artists. The Indie Market runs now through  November 4th be sure a visit and browse the the hundreds of great handmade goods perfect for holidays gift giving!


Visit my 4 swirled Peas Table at the Poppytalk Handmade Indie Table Here or click the button on the right side of my blog.

4 Swirled Peas Esty shop Here

Pets Part Three : The Funeral

Friday was our first pet funeral.  Zen picked a spot along the walk way in the backyard and dug a hole to bury his beloved rolly pollies and caterpillar who didn't fair to well in their habitats over this extremely long hot summer and Stream helped with the funeral and making of the headstone. 

It was very emotional for Zen and he cried quite a bit afterwards. The grave even had it's first visitor, I'm sure it must have been from one of the rolly's family coming to say it's finally goodbyes.

The Peas learned a lot through this process and the stray cat. They'll think  twice before bringing pets home with them.

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