Blue Ribbon Day!

Pea #1 & #2 had an awesome showing at the county fair, three blue ribbons total and Stream even got Best of Show for her photograph of a rusty wheel. I'm so proud! Some say it's in the genes and well yes both their parents are Professional Photographers but I think it's more about them coming to work with me almost every week since they were 3 months old and the 9 months in my tummy. The Peas are like my 4 tiny photo assistants and I actually think they might have pick up a skill or two over the years.

 You can buy this camel for $15,000, who knew they cost so much and don't worry he's not dead or sick just munching on some grass.

My favorite photo of the day (taken by me) was little Eco taking a bite of their first candy apple.

"You lookin' at me? You lookin' at me? You lookin' at me?

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Free Fun Fonts

The county fair was a bust, it rained all day with severe thunderstorms, so we stayed home and put away the laundry it was so much fun I might consider the dentist as an option next time.

I've been obsessing over fonts lately and here's one that hits home, literally.
If you don't get it that's okay, it may only be readable those who grew up in Buffalo. Even I had a hard time with Z,U,D and F and I was born and raised there.

for more fun free fonts go here.

We're getting ready! The cooler weather is coming our way (in a few weeks) we are sooooooo wanting to ride and my Madsen bucket bike looks very lonely in the garage. I wish we didn't have to spend the last 4 summer months indoors, with the heat index over 100 for 100 days is 100% ridiculously, uncomfortably, HOT!

The Hula Dance

Stream got a hula hoop for her 9th birthday and was whirling away on the coffee table, it's the whamo kind from the 70's & 80's. I remember spending all summer working on my neck and arm hooping trying to master my skills at age 4. The kiddos like to watch me and I don't mind looking silly one bit.

Little Eco made up a birthday song, it was just awesome!!
I think she might have some talent and it sure doesn't come from me.

We're headed to the county fair today to check on Luna and Stream's 4-H entries, it's the first time submitting anything so I really hope there's a ribbon or two for each to go with all their hard work.

White Melon Musings~Decor in shades of white

Check out my new outlet for secretively wishing to be an interior designer here.

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Pea

I can't believe it was 9 years ago that I started having contractions during tropical storm Isidore, it is so true when they say hurricanes and tropical storms cause women to go into labor, I had a few friends that had their babies that week as I welcomed my second child and beautiful baby girl named Sophia.

Happy Birthday sweetie you are so special and one of the kindest souls, the world is lucky to have you.

Not Me Monday: last minute moments

Nope, I definitely am not teaching my kids to do things at the last minute like me. No we didn't start making a birthday present 45 minutes before the party and we didn't but it in the wrapping paper with the paint still wet and no we're not going to be running around town working on the girls 4-H project later this morning on the last day to enter and I didn't loose half of it, really I didn't, please don't tell the kids (I really should be off the computer, not blogging). We didn't eat cookies for breakfast and our house is not a pig sty less than 24 hours until we celebrate Peace's 9th birthday. Gees, I'm exhausted just writing about everything so It won't be me taking a nap this afternoon when there projects to finish, really I won't.

                                    this is really not our dining room table this morning.

Eye Candy

                                                                      found over here

Summer's End

It's officially the end of Summer and madras shorts (the peas usual summer uniform) and no more late mornings now that schools started, even if the classrooms is 28 steps from their beds, it's taking some adjustment and there's definitely a lot more yawning on our new schedule.

Going Green with Nicknames

If you've been reading this blog for a while you've noticed my kiddos have had a few name changes, since I don't use their real names we have fun picking put new nicknames. Our latest batch of names are more green and fit with out current lifestyle. StreamLuna, Eco and Zen are lovin' theirs(on our side bar), it all came about after this post I did over at my blog  new hip "Hippy"blog on eco-friendly baby names, Mom are so much cooler then they used be, especially with names, remember when Moon Zappa and Apple sounded weird.

Paul Simon Rocks!

My biggest check on my life's checklist happened back in May at the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, AL, not only did I get to see Paul Simon live, I was front row center (the photo pit was closed) sitting on the beach(inject screaming here!) I didn't even need to buy a ticket instead my job paid me to listen to one of the greatest singer/songwriters of all time! I wore a smile on my face for 2 months and every other word out of my mouth was Paul Simon. Since I was taking photos there wasn't a lot of room on my compact flash cards for video and holding my phone up while photographing is difficult to say the least but I manage to grab some takes and create this little video, it was originally in HD/Video, blogger kept crashing so it's uploaded in tiny Mobile/Video format sorry and the girl going crazy at the end is ME!

Things I learned about my oldest child today:

She knows what Doritos are and even thought I have haven't bought them in 23 years, she ate them at the Organic School of all places, I'm totally shocked.....A. I can't ever eat them again now that I'm allergic to corn, total bummer and B. I use to feed them to my cat Snowflake.

10 Things Divorce taught me this week:

1. The Kids don't adapt as easy to the new arrangements as you'd hope.

2. If you thought two adults could work together for the benefit of the children, then you I thought wrong.

3. Kids feel they need to take sides and hold things in.

4. You think the ex-spouse would understand that destroying your credit will only hurts the kids chances of going to college but it turns out they don't think with their brain.

5. Child support is never paid on time, at least not in my case.

6. The kids are always listening.

7. You will be hung up on while trying to communicate the most simplest things with your ex.

8. The days will seem be harder.

9. The terms "single mom" and "divorced" really suck to say.

10.  and finally......I'm not stupid.

I'm not one to talk about it, I rarely say the "D" word but keeping quiet doesn't do anyone any justice. Contrary to popular thought we don't all divorce because of spousal relations gone awry, in my case it was suggested first by my children (if you ever want a reality check that's a big one) and it was the only way I was able to get the other parent to step up to his responsibilities, using the court system was a final resort when nothing else seemed to work. 
It is well known that the only way one can truly hurt me is to hurt my children.

What has now come to an end leaves room for brand new beginnings in life.

I came across an interesting article on divorce read it  here.

Wacky Wednesdays with a Twist

Turns out not all of us are given the gift to twist, but we are definitely give the gift of laughter...I'll be working on my hand-eye coordination in the mean time. We picked up Aunt Aunie's Pretzel making kit from the local Wally World (Walmart) it's really quick and easy and they tasted great, even with a few extra twists and turns.


Meet Emily Scissor Hands

The excitement of this past week was Little E giving herself a haircut! She's only hand one prior haircut in all her 5 years of life and this second one was a doozy. She managed to a whopping 17 inches of her pretty little head and of course it's all in the front. She may single-handedly be bring the uneven bangs look and "wings back" (you know that hideous style in the 80's it was so popular when I was in 3 and 4 grade). The most shocking part of it all was that we were talking to her the whole time and she was lying, well technically she wasn't she just didn't interject the whole entire truth, YES Little E was going to the bathroom BUT there was no mention that she also was cutting her hair while going to the bathroom...sneaky.....sneaky.

I didn't notice at first , we keep it preetty dark in the house at night, but the trail of hair leading from the bathroom was a dead give away.

Let's hope this isn't a precursor for things to come.
It's not that bad right?

Cleaning up our Coast

Everyone in our 4-H club did such a great job helping cleanup our waterways yesterday. Sia managed to pull a couple tires out of the water and Lulu discovered that sneakers don't seem float like the plastic bottles and trash. All in all there's 35 lbs less junk out there thanks to my girls! 

maybe we can work on their room next.

See Spot Run

The girls were sitting on the sofa so sweet, Sia was helping Little E to read using the Dick and Jane book I bought to teach their big sis Lulu 6+years ago thinking that all kids knew how to read before they entered kindergarten, boy girl was I wrong, she was the only one in her class reading chapter book on the first day of school and we last 3 weeks before pulling her out to start homeschooling. She got so bored waiting for the other kids to even learn the alphabet. 
I was amazed at how quickly E picked it up, we had practiced earlier in the summer but I had know idea she could read as well as she did and poor Buddy who just can't seem to get it down yet was looking over their shoulders.
I hope the light bulb goes on for him soon. He's so good at math but when it comes to reading he usually just runs away and hides.

Perfect Harmony

A hot day and a Coke. 

I grew up drinking Coca-Cola, my Grandfather supplied the sweet delicious soft drinks to local businesses and their house was filled with every thing Coke from memorabilia to my favorite thing, soda on tap right at the kitchen sink, it was awesome! I would fill up a pitcher of Sprite and drink until my heart's content. To this day Sprite brings back fond memories of their backyard parties, playing in the crick(like a creek but smaller), cook-outs, Superbowl parties and most of all my Grandmother cooking Thanksgiving dinner it had to be the most wonderful food ever!

And who can't forget this 1971 TV ad, I wasn't even born yet but I know it by heart:

I'd like to build to world a home, and furnish it with love
Grow apple trees and honey bees and snow white turtle doves
I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony
I'd like to buy to world a coke, and keep it company
I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony
I'd like to buy to world a coke, and keep it company
It's the real thing[coke], what the world wants today[coca-cola]
It's the real thing[coke], what the world wants today[coca-cola]
It's the real thing...!

To see more photos click on over to my photography blog here.

Tunnel Vision

Who lives in a pineapple tunnel under the sea? Small boy, cranky pants. Well at least the girls and I enjoyed the once maybe twice in a lifetime chance to walk under water and honor all the fallen Americans on 9-11. Flag or no flag (I think that's what he was fighting over) Buddy still had a good time or at least he'll have the memories of us having a good time that day. Waking up at 5am might not be his cup of tea.

There we all are..... the last ones out of the tunnel.

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