Good vs Evil…
 It was a tough day. But I had no choice but to let it go, it turns out I was brought up to be the better person and accept things we can not change. There's no sense it getting upset over it because well it's in my blood and I can't help it. My family just isn't that way and neither am I, even though we want to think good should always will over evil but sometimes evil is evil and there is no sense it wasting good energy fighting. So I'm happy to know I'm an even better me than I thought I was yesterday.

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One Potato, two potato…

Today I'm happy for leftover homemade mash potatoes done the way my Grandmother made them with a little salt and pepper, so yummy checkout the recipe below. The kids were happy for ice cream from Old Dutch are rare treat and even more rare drive across the bay. I was very pleased to see Peas #3 & #4 playing so nicely all evening , they laughed, the giggle, they made crazy Mr. Potato Head people and went to bed.

Grandma Banana's mash potato recipe:

  • Boil about 6-8 potatoes with skins until they start to pop (the skins start to break open)
  • Hand peel the skins off be careful they're at 212 degrees F. You find yourself sing the song Hot potato, Hot potato while doing this part
  • Throw them in a mixer with the beater attachment
  • Add 3 tablespoons of butter
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • Salt and pepper to taste (the more pepper the better!)
  • Beat until it's not lumpy (don't over beat or they'll get gooey)

Eat right away or wait till morning, they taste awesome cold!

Happy Project Day: 4/365

Sock Monkeys…

Today I put on my favorite sox from the fabulous J. Crew and took the kiddos to the Colony Nature Park, another favorite of mine. I laid on the grass basking in the sunshine as they ran around like monkeys until the sunset. It just as peaceful as ever and I could help but feel thankful for the time we have together and the laughter of my four happy peas.

Happy Project Day: 3/365

Hay is for horses…

 Today was kind of a simple day we didn't make any plans or set out to break a worlds record. So after picking up pea #3 from school (yes he goes off to kindergarden every morning so I can have uninterrupted time to homeschool the 2 older girls) we set of to find some firefighter battling a brush fire that got out of hand, boys to watch like fire trucks and on the way back we pulled over to watch five beautiful cream colored horses eat hay, drink water and watch us watching them, the kids thought it was funny how they just kept staring at us, my kids love horses.
 Later on after eating dinner and baking cookies we went for a walk the stars we so bright , I even think we saw a planet my guess would be Venus and as we were walking to of the peas saw a shooting star and made a wish pea#2 won't tell but pea#4 told me she wish she could spend everyday of her life with me. How can you not be happy when you child's wish is to be with you. I'm also happy that after pea#4 fell walking with her hands in her pocket face first she somehow escaped from injury. The weird thing is I saw her fall and she seems to have not only no marks from hitting the pavement but no memory of the fall, it was as if the asphalt was padded by something or someone. I like to believe there's angels out there don't you?

pretty horses make us happy

Other things we are happy for today:
Pea#1 lost a tooth and the tooth fairy brought her a rock made of pink quartz and an anklet.
Pea #2 Momma Pea ate her broccoli and didn't make her sit at the table.
Pea#3 When Momma Pea carries him to bed.
Pea#4 Happy she found her ugly doll that was lost under her brothers bed.

Happy Project Day: 2

Our closet is your closet…

I don't want this happy project to revolve around food so even though making homemade ice cream or cotton candy would have made us all really happy I decided that today my peas 2 and 4 would help me go through the closets and bag up clothes to give not to a local charity but to a family or a friend who doesn't have the means to buy 30 shirts, 12 pants, 4 sets of pj's and 5 pairs of shoes for their child. Part of why it makes up happy to do this is because we don't have the money to buy a shirt full price a department store or even half price now like we once did. It's humbling to not be able to look down at others for having less it seems to for us the less we have the more we want to give especially the things we bought back when we never even had to look at what was in the bank before going shopping. So at the end of the day the kids don't mind giving away the designer pair of shoes they out grew to a friend even if we spent the morning shopping for $2 shirts. Our happiness can no longer be measured by what we wear or how much we spend.

Other things that made us happy today:
Pea #1 Playing at a friends house
Pea #2 working on Math with Mommy
Pea #3 eating cake
Pea #4 everything
Momma Pea making eating cashew-butter cookies and talking to a friend.

Happy Project Day: 1

I don't find myself to be a sad or depressed person but I also haven't felt lately that I am happy one either. So today as relaxed I on the sofa watching Goldie Hawn on Oprah talk about whether people are born happy or become happy I remembered how happy I was a child, my nickname in elementary school was smiley but that's the last thing I seem to do lately. I pondered what had happened to me for well a few seconds and instead I decided if I at least try to be happy I never will. So what better day than a Thursday to start and every day for the next year I will try my hardest to make sure my 4 swirled peas and I are HAPPY.

More Pizza Please…
Day 1: Our happiness activity today was taking the 4peas to an all you can eat pizza buffet. If that doesn't make kids happy I don't know what will. Three of the peas couldn't even remember going to a restaurant to eat and they were quite content with people bring them plates of pizza and refills of sprite even the waiter clearing the table as it filled up with empty plates put a smile on their faces. There was even a TV above our booth to top it off. We walked out of the restaurant with a few too many stomach aches but you know the good kind that nobody complains about. So they sucked on the after dinner mints as we strolled along the bay until the aches wore off and it turned out to be a perfect 1st happy afternoon.

Yesterday we learned how to…

Hold on really tight to the walls

Fall down and laugh about it

While learning how to rollerblade through the house

Even play the DS in roller skates.

Look before you eat…BUGS!

What we learned this weekend was to take a closer look at what you're about to eat.

and just because everyone else is eating it, doesn't mean you'll like it.

 even if you thought it looked like rice.

until your sister tells you it's a worm…

 and then you're surprised at just how good they taste.

even your 4 years old sister think it's super cool to eat bugs!

until later on when you come face to face with your dinner.

Stained Glass Crayon Window Panes

 Here's our latest craft project, it came about when I just couldn't bring myself to throw all those broken crayons away and I remembered making these way back in elementary school and how much I enjoyed hanging it in my bedroom window.

The girls are looking at their melted crayon stained glass panels and all the different colors.

 Okay what here's what you'll need: broken crayons, wax paper, an iron, glue scissors, string and construction paper.

 Place the broken/shredded crayons (make sure you peel the paper off the crayons) between two pieces of wax paper, then with a hot iron (I had mine on the highest setting) melt the crayons and let cool.
I tried using a towel between the iron and wax paper but found it just didn't melt as easily. After it's cool cut your pattern out of construction paper, you will need to do this with 2 pieces of paper held together, we did a butterfly, heart and peace sign. Then use the construction paper as a template and trace it out on the stained glass and cut it out just slightly small on the edges and placing it between the 2 pieces of cut out construction paper and gluing the outer edges together to make a window pane. Punch a hole at the top and hang with a string in your window.

Our adventures in winter wonderland

We're not in Alabama anymore cause they don't make pizza like this.

So kids where's that huge Rockefeller Christmas tree everyone's been talking about?

Really that's it? But it looks so small next to the skyscrapers.

Are those yellow taxis Mom? No everyone just drives matching color cars…kidding!

Little E and Strawberry Shortcake take on Time Square. (that's SS on the Toys R Us marquee)

My little 
shining star.

If this is the North Pole when we going to Buffalo?

It sure is cold, think they might be the same place.

My four snow angels and I had so much fun but after 6 days in the snow and 4000 miles in the car we're glad to be thawing out in our own beds.
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