Snow Day !!!

Sorry I've been MIA from our blog this week, one should take a snow day or two if they can and even if we don't actually get snow but once a year when the city of Foley take 44 thousand pounds of ice and makes it snow for thousands of children.

Zen's looking like he thinking about doing something with that snowball..... I'm sure glad he opted out of it.

 Maybe a 7 year old boy with a snowball and three sisters isn't such a good idea.

Lulu dreads going to this event but to her surprise the snow, well ice, was much softer this year and put a big smile on her face instead of tears, though I did see an elderly lady bleeding from getting caught in the cross fire and not from my kids, thankfully.

That's how you make the perfect southern snowball.

The peas were a little sad we didn't have our Santa letters with us and Santa's village left Eco wondering why they would have a jail at the North Pole...hmmmm???

On an even happier note we got our tree today, the smell of Christmas is upon us, I can't wait to show everyone!


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