Home for the Holidays!

We all long to spend the holidays with family and loved ones and that wish came true for nearly 100 troops from the 1165th Military Police Company! There were lots of tears and cheers as hundreds lined the streets to welcome them home, what a great day and gift and for those families, and those who can't be home for the holidays like me for whatever reason I hope you have a very Merry Christmas or Chanukah or Kwaanza and Happy New Year!

 Eco posing with the Dogwood trail Maids, remember her Halloween costume here doesn't it looked just like their's?

My little girl felt so special finally getting to meet them.

I think there's a really hungry troop coming off one of those buses.

Voted him the best smile of the day by me.
He just beams with joy!

Welcome Home and Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. Oh that is awesome! Thanks for sharing this with me....

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