DIY: Paperclip Fabric Flags

I was so excited to make these this morning we struggled trying to use the colored post-it paper flags to mark our school books but they either got folded or torn and didn't help much. So when I saw the DIY on Pinterest pinned from Ashley Ann's blog Under The Sycamore here I decided to make my own version and I just love how they turned out!

 bad blue paper flag... Yea! for new fabric ones.

All you'll need to get started is paperclips, fabric, ruler, 2 kinds of scissors regular shears and pinking shears, I used a hot glue gun but Aileen's fabric glue will also work fine.

 1. cut a strip of fabric about 3 1/4 inch long by 3/4 inch wide.

2. Fold fabric strip in half and cut the corners off at the fold.

3. slip fabric through the paperclip (I got my paperclips at Walmart and the ones I used had a square end rather than usual rounded end which made it easier to fold around the end).

4. Using a hot glue gun run a line of glue down the center and fold closed around the end of the paperclip.

5. With you scissors trim the three sides of the fabric flag, I used Pinking shears so they wouldn't fray.

6. You're finished! Now it's time to clip onto your favorite book or give out as a gift to a teacher.


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