DIY: Lego Bracelet

 Zen spends most of his day walking around the house looking for his Lego figures so for Christmas I decided to make him something that he could attach them to and hopefully not loose then as much anymore, I know wishful thinking.

First go to your local thrift store or secondhand shop and find a big box of legos. 

I found mine at Goodwill for $11 and my son has already called dibs on the left over legos.

Sift through the lego box and find about 12-15 square shaped pieces.


 Then I used a 1/8 titanium drill bit and drilled a hole straight through each lego.

Be sure to use a titanium bit, they go through really easy and it won't melt the plastic.

After your done drilling the holes, string them with a semi-stretchy band. 
I used some plastic necklace string just slightly smaller diameter than the 1/8 hole we drilled which I found at our local craft store (Hobby Lobby, Michael's and Walmart should have what you need), it had enough give to stretch over my sons hand but left it tight enough not to fall off. Elastic may work fine too.

You might not use all ten legos or you might have to add a few more depending on the size of the wrist.

So far so good, no new missing ninjagos fighters or astronauts yet.


  1. OOoh I love it! We don't have an Lego kids, but I think that I might make one for myself... looks so cute!

    Always love an excuse to drill a hole in something new...

    Happy New Year to you and yours. grace

  2. I just came across this and LOVE it! My 6 yr old wee man is alway talking his Lego "guys" and then loosing them in the sofa, under his bed, the cat runs off with them.. This should work perfectly! Thanks :)

  3. What do you use to thread the lego pcs. together ?

  4. I was using a round rubber lace but now I currently using round white elastic that I get by the foot at Joanne Fabrics.

    1. I found, among my craft things. something called stretch Magic, will this work ?
      Thank you for your response to my first question.

    2. Yes the stretch magic is what I originally used it works well.

  5. Then I used a 1/8 titanium drill bit and drilled a hole straight through each tables for sale

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