Superkids speak Hobo

No I would never out of a moment of desperation try to see if the Superman phone booth trick would work on my kids and turn into superkids who can clean their rooms in a single bounds or finish their schoolwork in the speed of light, nope not me, not Supermom!

and I definitely didn't start teaching the kids a new language that involves carrying a bindle and walking along railroad tracks as part of their homeschool curriculum, unless it makes them think I'm the coolest Mom in the world now that I speak the secret language of the traveling nomads.

But what's up with the cranky woman and bad dog sign being the same? and the jail as good lodging sign that's a keeper!

1 comment:

  1. funny hobo chart! haha
    And what? Are they insinuating a cranky woman and bad dog are one and the same? Well, I never! :)
    I'm visiting from the Not Me theme on Mckmama's. Have a great night!


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