Puff and the Magic Santa!

The Peas got an early start visiting Santa just few days after Halloween, Eco wants a Strawberry Shortcake doll, Zen wants another Nerf gun, Luna and Stream asked for an ipad2 and laptop that's a serious upgrade from last year's wishes for cheese and a cardboard box, I hope Santa's doing well in this economy and has a few tricks up her his sleeve or they'll be some disappointed kiddos listening to a speech about the state of the World on Christmas morning.

On a more exciting note will be heading to the library to visit with Peter from the 60's group Peter, Paul and Mary reading his new Puff the Magic Dragon pop-up book to the kids, I saw them perform 19 years ago at ArtPark in Lewiston, NY and I can't wait to take the Peas to meet him! He's giving away a signed guitar...hmmmm 4 chances to win wish us luck!

Awesome recipe tomorrow: Pull apart pizza bites, so stop back they're really fun to make and eat!


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