What! There's a Candy Monster under your Bed????

No, I didn't raise my children to be selfish and no I did spend 3 weeks making Halloween costumes then walking the neighborhood for 2 hours just to wake up then next morning and head to Target to buy myself some KitKats when there's 4 buckets full to rim of candy, nope not me my kids they know how to share and I would never punish them for not cleaning their rooms by taking away their candy and eating or sneaking in at midnight and snatching a few for a bedtime snack then pretending that the candy monster must have eaten it, nope cause I'm so over Halloween and I have will power stronger than Malted Milk Balls and Nestle Crunch Bars and most of all so does my 5 year old who I didn't allow to eat all her candy in 2 days that would be crazy! Crazier than watching the Little Mermaid Musical 3 times in one week or eating a whole bag of cheese pretzel bits in one day and definitely crazier than taking them to a Biker Rally...... (anything for charity!)

The kiddos before they found out I ate some of their candy!


  1. Love the photos. My kids are a little older than yours and they now know the fundamental rule of Halloween--Mom gets first dibs on the candy.

    Oh ya! :)


  2. @Confabulicious.com

    Thanks Kim, and I'll have to try that next Halloween.


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