Ramblings of the sad and sleepless

It one of those mornings the last thing I felt like do was blogging, it's  especially hard to do with my arm in pain after the glass blender fell from ceiling height onto it this morning and I'm exhausted after staying awake till nearly 3am when a series of sleep talking turned into night terrors after the peas who were half asleep thought the other peas where talking in their sleeping were doing things wrong but in reality they were all laying in their beds mumbling, it was if I was invisible no could see or hear me in their dream like states as they yelled and screamed and then most of all I feel so sad after a dear friend and colleague passed away last night from complications after a motor scooter accident that happened 2 weeks ago. We will all miss him. I can't help but think of how his three girls will grow up with out a daddy who loved them more that anything. So with that I will go back to icing my arm and crying and wishing the best for another colleague who is having a much needed kidney transplant as we speak.

Read more about our dear friend Paul HERE


Cheryl's Kidney transplant HERE

We did finish up our America Recycles Day Video you can check it out on youtube  HERE


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