Playroom = Fun Room

So we had a stray cat follow us home from our walk last night.....long story short we're on our way to the vet to see if he/she has a microchip. In the mean time enjoy the glimpse into our classroom/craftroom/playroom/sunroom and I'll be back to update on our new visitor.

If you want to learn about making Stained glass Crayon Window Panes Art click here for my tutorial. It's a great way to use up all those broken crayon laying around the playroom!

And if you like Fine Art photography and  Pillows feel free to browse our through the 4 Swirled Peas Esty shop Here.


  1. I wish I was this creative hahaha they came out so cute :)

    PS.. Loved all the photos on all the posts

  2. @elianefilhoThanks! I'm just glad I have a place to share all the photos, nobody ever seems to want to come over and look through the 20+ photo albums of my kids. Blogs are so much more fun!


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