Pets Part One: The Visitor

Meet "Jinx II" and never mind that he kind of looks like Pet Cemetery kitty in this photo he's just eating our Cat Snowball's food and it wasn't going over too well with her. We came across Jinx on a walk Monday he started following us and never stopped, the Peas and I talked about whether it could be our lost cat Jinxie who ran away over 2 years ago just about 3 miles from where we found this cat, they looked the same and where about the same size and age we wondered if the cat that was following us was him, did he remembered our voices, could it really be? We walk all the way home with the cat right behind us all the way to our front door and he wanted to come in. Since it was dark I couldn't make any determinations on whether it was truly our lost cat until the morning. We put him in a cage so Snowball could sleep in her spot on the front porch and we went to bed.

By morning we realized there was no way these two cats were going to get along, "Jinks" dominated over our fluffy scared little Snowball and by the looks of those claws it wasn't our lost cat after all, ours was clawless. So we loaded him up and walk to get see if there was a microchip so we could find the owner, but nothing. We made the decision to let him out at the same place "Jinx II" started to follow us and like lightning he ran off never looking back. Zen and Little Eco cried, he was a really nice cat they said and I agreed but he was never really ours to keep I replied.

On a happier not my Dad made it through his hip replacement surgery!!!!! He's only 56 and just 12 days younger than Steve Jobs.

RIP Mr. Jobs. 

The world lost a great mind yesterday, thanks for all the wonderful gifts you gave us. 
Sincerely, apple user since 1986!

Pets Part two: One Fish, Two Fish......... coming tomorrow.


  1. Love your photographs, this cat looks enormous! Thoughts go to your dad and a speedy recovery!

  2. @Amanda TroughtThanks, my Dad will be in a rehab facility for weeks after he's able to leaves the hospital, but hopefully out of pain with his new hip and finally able to chase his 4 Grandkids around like he use too.


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