Not Me Monday: the good, the bad and the empty

Nope,  I most certainly did not staple my own finger when I was hanging a wanted poster** of my own kid in our town and have some guys stopped at the red light shout out of their car What's he wanted for? and I replied not cleaning his room , I also may or may not have secretively wished the house would burn down so I didn't have to listen to the kids complain about picking up their toys again. That would be too weird and who staples their own finger anyways?

And I really didn't charge my kids a dollar each for the electricity they used staying up past bed time and then go spend it on chocolate and hide it from them and not feel guilty staying up till 4am eating it all! 

And I most definitely didn't post my first giveaway this week and have only 2 people enter so far and want to quit blogging for good, especially after my Mother told me she finally looked at the blog even though I started this blog 2 years ago for my parents who lives 1500 miles away so they wouldn't miss out all the wonderful things the perfect grankids do and I didn't just want to change our blog name to The Good, The Bad and the Ugly uncensored after the week I had.

And this really isn't how our fridge looked when the kids went to get breakfast....Mustard anyone?!

**We're filming a one minute video, can't wait to share!
Giveaway is open till midnight enter HERE or don't.


  1. And baking soda! That's practically gourmet!!

  2. at least your fridge is clean....

  3. ok - cracking up at the wanted
    Sorry about the giveaway - I've had a few myself and it seemed like I had to fight to get anyone to notice. What? No one wants free stuff? Who knew.
    Hang in there - don't stop blogging, because you are funny!

  4. Ah, man. Damned comment moderator code thingy. Erased my comment. :P

    And isn't it so anti-climactic to rewrite your comment. It seemed so much more interesting the first time round. lol

    Anywayyyyy, I could totally relate to your post. Cleaning rooms? picking up toys? COMPLAINING? Never at my house. ha. ha. ha. And I would charge them too if i gave them an allowance, but that would require me to make a chore chart. ugh.

    And the whole blog giveaway thing? Yeah, I wouldn't bother hosting one since I'm pretty sure NO ONE would enter. I also just gave my hubs a hard time about not reading my blog. On the heels of him getting excited about pics of his new toolbox he just posted on some dumb forum.

    But hey, whats this story about hair on fire from birthday candles>???

  5. Oooh, thanks for mentioning the giveaway! I went and entered!

    Sorry about your mom not reading the blog when you created it for her! I tried for a couple years to get my friends to read my blog (my primary blog over on Xanga), and they never did. Lol.

    I had to laugh at the fridge. Ours is like that some days.


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