Not Me Monday: A Flinstones Moment

 No I didn't grow up in the stone age and no I didn't suddenly realize that I'm old when I ask the girl behind the counter if the necklace look like Wilma's or Betty Rubble's and she ask "Who's that" and no I didn't continue to act cool and say like in the Flintstones they were only the first Primetime cartoon geared to an adult audience. She then responded "nope never seen it" and no I didn't continued to defend age ego because I suddenly felt ancient by trying to make it seem like everyone on Earth knows who the Flintstones are, I can't believe I'm so old that I could be talking to someone who has never seen the greatest favorite cartoon of all time. She probably doesn't even know who Bugs Bunny or Hong Kong Phooey are and no I'm not secretively hoping that everyone reading this known who Betty Rumble is too.


  1. I'm waaaay too young to know who or what the Flintstones are.
    Ha! I wish.
    Actually, I remember them well enough to know simple trivia like...
    okay, what was that little green dude's name that used to float around and hang out with Fred and Barney? I believe he was an alien of some sort. He was invisible to everyone except Fred and Barney, and he always called them the "Dum Dums" -- give up? Okay, his name was Gazoo. Actually, the Great Gazoo was his full name. LOL Okay, I know you knew that.

    I miss the Flintstone days. In fact, I think I'm going to go onto Amazon right now and order the DVD's of this classic cartoon. They are on DVD, right?

    They All Call Me Mom

  2. @KatrinaThanks for the great Christmas gift idea, my kids definitely need to know about the Great Gazoo!!!


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