Not Me Monday: Cows don't make us Laugh, really!

Who shows up to a party 4 hours late when their bringing food? Not Me and lets their kids stay up running around the campsite till 1am keeping the other families awake, definitely not me. Who giggled in their camper when the cows mooed as we tried to fall asleep and all the other campers heard, or yell to my son to stop making all that noise and go to sleep when it really was a cow eating grass (insert me laughing here) and I did say mooooove over I trying to sleep thinking it was funny. Not me because I'm a grow adult and cows mooing can't really be funny and it wasn't my kids who were the first ones awake running around like banshees before the sun came up, I just wouldn't allow that and I most definitely would never allow them to have Doritos with breakfast or marshmallows for lunch, we eat only healthy organic food so I didn't say yes to Fritos either.

Stream Hula Hooping at Sunrise


  1. sounds like so much family fun though :)

  2. All I want to say is can we go camping with you.

  3. @trooppetrieWe're really starting to get the hang of the whole thing and definitely the more the merrier, I don't know where you live but the weather along the Gulf Coast has been absolutely perfect for camping lately.


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