Fun House, Fair and Food

Don't know if the fun house was more fun for the girls or me watching them trying to find the way out.

I took the two oldest to the county fair for Wacky Wednesday + 4-H night they both got unlimited ride passes for entering their photos and with just a buck to get me in it had to be one of the cheapest date nights so I splurged on a candy apple for the girls. Height restrictions always limited us with the younger ones so they stayed home and allowed Luna and Stream to have free range of the festivities. But there was no way I was letting them on the Meg Drop and plummet 3 stories without me, they were a little bummed but everything else made up for it, especially these....


After the rides or course.

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  1. I have a desire to make caramel apples recently, no real reason just to make them for the fun of it.


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