Fly High and Dream BIG

image via my day job at the Press-Register

A friend and super talented artist recently told my daughter to follow her dreams and dream big!
I've been feeling a bit lost lately wondering what the next step in my career is going to be, newspapers are quite to powerhorse they use to be and well I'm not really qualified to be anything but a photographer/photojournalist. I have my degree in photography and 15 years field experience that would have been plenty to find a job in anytown a few years ago, now they want a Masters Degree just to teach a photography class, skill and experience are no longer a prerequisites just a piece of paper saying you listened to an old man talk your ear off for 4+ years qualifies you these days. I miss the America when skill, craftsmanship, creativity and talent were desirable not how much you spent on student loans considering the US had currently more debt out in student loans than credit cards.

I took this photo over the weekend at our county fair as I wandered around doing my job, I love that I'm paid to take photos of the world as I see it without restriction and this photo really had a lot of ME in it. The swings have always been my all time favorite ride, I feel like I can could do anything when I'm up there in the clouds, even fly!

I just don't know what I'll do it newspapers as we know it die, support your local Press and buy a paper it 's what help make America great! and the politicians a little less crooked.


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