Craft Corner: Upcycling as Gifts

 This was my first time upcycling or taking waste and making it into something that has equal or greater use or value. You find stuff at a thrift store, yard sale or free box at the curb or garbage and make it into something fabulous to keep or pass along as a gift. 

On a smaller scale, many of the handmade items sold on here are made with upcycled items. There are coin purses made from sweaters, earrings cut out of vinyl records and an old travel case made into a clock, to name just a few.

I found this at a church yard sale, the frame was brown and had the background started with scrapbooking paper and some flowers already, I started by painting the frame white and distressed it then add a few more flowers and the fairy along with some pearl lettering with the name of the Birthday girl and 2 hours later the paint was dry and it was done!
The end result was better than I had anticipated. I hope all future upcycling project are as much fun as this, it's definitely going to be my new hobby.


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