Camping 101

Always make sure you arrive at the campsite before dark or it's really hard to set up camp or find friends by moonlight.  But a Giant movie screen playing the Incredible Mr. Fox helps!

 Make sure everyone feels like a champion from twirling light sticks that look like the Olympic rings to the Moms who made the best fire for roasting marshmallows.

But remember if you bring dogs you just might wake up to three of them peeing on your tent.

Hula Hooping at sunrise is awesome and having one of the campers who's a fabulous chef cooking breakfast even better. Just remember not to wake the 5 year old before it's ready!


Parking next a cow pasture might just be worse than a chicken coop full of roosters but a whole lot funnier too and camping with a pop up roof overhead and space between you and the bugs, nice.

Best of all camping with great friends and food priceless!


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