See Spot Run

The girls were sitting on the sofa so sweet, Sia was helping Little E to read using the Dick and Jane book I bought to teach their big sis Lulu 6+years ago thinking that all kids knew how to read before they entered kindergarten, boy girl was I wrong, she was the only one in her class reading chapter book on the first day of school and we last 3 weeks before pulling her out to start homeschooling. She got so bored waiting for the other kids to even learn the alphabet. 
I was amazed at how quickly E picked it up, we had practiced earlier in the summer but I had know idea she could read as well as she did and poor Buddy who just can't seem to get it down yet was looking over their shoulders.
I hope the light bulb goes on for him soon. He's so good at math but when it comes to reading he usually just runs away and hides.


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