Paul Simon Rocks!

My biggest check on my life's checklist happened back in May at the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, AL, not only did I get to see Paul Simon live, I was front row center (the photo pit was closed) sitting on the beach(inject screaming here!) I didn't even need to buy a ticket instead my job paid me to listen to one of the greatest singer/songwriters of all time! I wore a smile on my face for 2 months and every other word out of my mouth was Paul Simon. Since I was taking photos there wasn't a lot of room on my compact flash cards for video and holding my phone up while photographing is difficult to say the least but I manage to grab some takes and create this little video, it was originally in HD/Video, blogger kept crashing so it's uploaded in tiny Mobile/Video format sorry and the girl going crazy at the end is ME!

Things I learned about my oldest child today:

She knows what Doritos are and even thought I have haven't bought them in 23 years, she ate them at the Organic School of all places, I'm totally shocked.....A. I can't ever eat them again now that I'm allergic to corn, total bummer and B. I use to feed them to my cat Snowflake.


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