Paint by Mullet

The kiddos and some newly made friends painted nearly 30 Mullets down at the Windmill Market Saturday in the middle of Tropical Storm Lee. Remember that awful hair cut with the same name you know business in the front, party in the back also called Ape Drape, Beaver Paddle, Bi - Level, Camero Cut, Canadian passport, Coupe Longveuil, El-camino,  Hockey hair,  Kentucky waterfall,  Missouri comprimise,  Mudflap,  Neckwarmer. Ranchero,  Shlonc (short + long),  Achy-breaky-bad-mistakey,  Soccer rocker,  Squirrel pelt,  Tennessee tophat,  Yep-nope, sorry had to get my Redneck rant out. I'm so glad to say I never had the chance to date anyone with a Mullet or even had the fish. But I'll take one of these wonderful sculptures/trophies anytime, made by the fabulously talented Artist Ameri'ca Jones.


Heigh Ho Heigh Ho it's off to paint we go....
 My Buddy the next Michelangelo.
This is one very dedicated painter. I love the way his fish (mullet) turned out.
And this little girl reminds me of Drew Barrymore in the movie E.T. I had to snap a pic and the cute girl with the flowered headband, we might have our craft project this week!
Little E looks like she's up to trouble.

  Want one of these mullets? Be sure to sign up for the 2011 Mullet 5K Run in Fairhope October 8 and be ready to run your hearts out. We're going to take it easy that day and enjoy the slower paced fun run and then head down the street to check out some of our feathery friends at Birdfest.


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