Not Me Monday: last minute moments

Nope, I definitely am not teaching my kids to do things at the last minute like me. No we didn't start making a birthday present 45 minutes before the party and we didn't but it in the wrapping paper with the paint still wet and no we're not going to be running around town working on the girls 4-H project later this morning on the last day to enter and I didn't loose half of it, really I didn't, please don't tell the kids (I really should be off the computer, not blogging). We didn't eat cookies for breakfast and our house is not a pig sty less than 24 hours until we celebrate Peace's 9th birthday. Gees, I'm exhausted just writing about everything so It won't be me taking a nap this afternoon when there projects to finish, really I won't.

                                    this is really not our dining room table this morning.


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