The Hula Dance

Stream got a hula hoop for her 9th birthday and was whirling away on the coffee table, it's the whamo kind from the 70's & 80's. I remember spending all summer working on my neck and arm hooping trying to master my skills at age 4. The kiddos like to watch me and I don't mind looking silly one bit.

Little Eco made up a birthday song, it was just awesome!!
I think she might have some talent and it sure doesn't come from me.

We're headed to the county fair today to check on Luna and Stream's 4-H entries, it's the first time submitting anything so I really hope there's a ribbon or two for each to go with all their hard work.

White Melon Musings~Decor in shades of white

Check out my new outlet for secretively wishing to be an interior designer here.

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  1. Love the photos, you do a great job of capturing the moment! :)


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