Meet Emily Scissor Hands

The excitement of this past week was Little E giving herself a haircut! She's only hand one prior haircut in all her 5 years of life and this second one was a doozy. She managed to a whopping 17 inches of her pretty little head and of course it's all in the front. She may single-handedly be bring the uneven bangs look and "wings back" (you know that hideous style in the 80's it was so popular when I was in 3 and 4 grade). The most shocking part of it all was that we were talking to her the whole time and she was lying, well technically she wasn't she just didn't interject the whole entire truth, YES Little E was going to the bathroom BUT there was no mention that she also was cutting her hair while going to the bathroom...sneaky.....sneaky.

I didn't notice at first , we keep it preetty dark in the house at night, but the trail of hair leading from the bathroom was a dead give away.

Let's hope this isn't a precursor for things to come.
It's not that bad right?


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