Green Myth: Vampire Power and Energy Snakes

CBS Photo Archive via How Stuff Works
It's estimated that more than 5 percent of your power bill can be attributed to appliances in standby mode and that left plugged in may consume as much as 15 to 30 watts per appliance. It's a phenomenon called vampire power, sometimes called standby power or energy leaks.
  I personally noticed a $30 decrease on the power bill after getting in the routine of unplugging small appliances, the computer, lamps and those pesky wall chargers the kiddos leave plugged in, to me they look like energy sucking wall snakes coming from the outlets with glowing eyes, kind of creapy at night,  I charge 25¢ if I find one left in the outlet without a DS, ipod  or computer attached to it.

unplug.....unplug.....unplug....saves $ $ $

a pesky energy snake


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