Free Fun Fonts

The county fair was a bust, it rained all day with severe thunderstorms, so we stayed home and put away the laundry it was so much fun I might consider the dentist as an option next time.

I've been obsessing over fonts lately and here's one that hits home, literally.
If you don't get it that's okay, it may only be readable those who grew up in Buffalo. Even I had a hard time with Z,U,D and F and I was born and raised there.

for more fun free fonts go here.

We're getting ready! The cooler weather is coming our way (in a few weeks) we are sooooooo wanting to ride and my Madsen bucket bike looks very lonely in the garage. I wish we didn't have to spend the last 4 summer months indoors, with the heat index over 100 for 100 days is 100% ridiculously, uncomfortably, HOT!


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