Artwork and Alton

 Lulu is quite the artist already, she dreams about being one when she grows up. I'm all for it! Who knows what the cost of tuition will be by the time she's ready to head out of the nest. This was her second year entering the Junior Auxiliary art contest and the second year she was chosen as a winner to have her artwork permanently displayed in the in the children's wing at our local hospital the one all the kiddos where born at except Lulu (funny irony there and please forgive the plastic wrap over her artwork). The theme was "Fairhope" the peaceful town on Mobile bay wher writers and artist go to create their masterpieces. Lulu used scrap material recycled from a local Fairhope shop to make her image of the bay at sunset with our favorite Alabama bird the Brown Pelican and even a shovel and pail left in the sand, maybe one day she'll be a famous artist but in the mean time at least she can meet some fabulously famous people like Alton Brown! I might have shared some of these photos already.

Moments before she thanked Mr. Brown for making her Mommy's chocolate chip cookies taste great! I'm a insane follower big fan of his show.

 This was not one of Alton's dishes but whoever made it needs to take some lesson from Mr. Brown or even what Good Eats because it was just awful.
Love those signature glasses and all he did to help the Alabama coast in it's oil spill recovery.


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