10 Things Divorce taught me this week:

1. The Kids don't adapt as easy to the new arrangements as you'd hope.

2. If you thought two adults could work together for the benefit of the children, then you I thought wrong.

3. Kids feel they need to take sides and hold things in.

4. You think the ex-spouse would understand that destroying your credit will only hurts the kids chances of going to college but it turns out they don't think with their brain.

5. Child support is never paid on time, at least not in my case.

6. The kids are always listening.

7. You will be hung up on while trying to communicate the most simplest things with your ex.

8. The days will seem be harder.

9. The terms "single mom" and "divorced" really suck to say.

10.  and finally......I'm not stupid.

I'm not one to talk about it, I rarely say the "D" word but keeping quiet doesn't do anyone any justice. Contrary to popular thought we don't all divorce because of spousal relations gone awry, in my case it was suggested first by my children (if you ever want a reality check that's a big one) and it was the only way I was able to get the other parent to step up to his responsibilities, using the court system was a final resort when nothing else seemed to work. 
It is well known that the only way one can truly hurt me is to hurt my children.

What has now come to an end leaves room for brand new beginnings in life.

I came across an interesting article on divorce read it  here.


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