Tuesday's Dream Decor: Bohemian Caravans + Hippies

Part of me is a bohemian hippie who traveled the country side with friends sometimes by foot other times it was 8 people and a dog in a VW bus following the Grateful Dead or backpacking through Europe and another part of me is a career driven feminist with a love for interior design and sometimes soccer mom who never seems to be able to follow societies rules and is set on teaching my children to grow up being true to themselves and their beliefs. I sometimes feel like a hypocrite homeschooling my kids but buying them an ipad to do their school work, is there ever a happy medium between earth loving and technology?

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Be sure to check out the transformation of this caravan owned by an Australian family who's traveling the countryside for 6 months over at Fox's Lane. I wish I was half as talented at sewing and knitting as Kate is, we share the same name that's got to be good for something.


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